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Raving Reviews

We could see again.

We thought our eyesight was getting bad, as we are aging. The nice chap from came in and did our windows, cleaned the sills. What can I say.. We could see again.. It was amazing! Here we thought.. Oh never mind! Thanks guys!

June and Ward Cleaver

OMG let there be LIGHT

Our apartment was dull and need a pick me up.. So I got some fresh flowers and had the nice (cute) man from come in and do the windows.. No streaks.. OMG let there be light.. I feel so much better! Now where is the wine I bought?

Betty White

He power washed the whole house

Hi Betty here again...
I found my wine and the nice mans business card on the cleaned window sill. So I phoned him again to do more.. He came over and he power washed the whole house this time.. 

God bless
I am to understand they have more men and do more things.. Deliver wine perhaps? LOL